Why is WPS most preferable mode of connection? (Push Button)

WI-Fi Protected Setup (WPS; initially, Wi-Fi Simple Config) is a system security standard to make a safe remote home system.
Push Button technique .
In which the client needs to push a catch, either a genuine or virtual one, on both the passage and the new remote customer gadget. On most gadgets, this disclosure mode turns itself off when an association is set up or following a deferral (normally 2 minutes or less), whichever starts things out, consequently limiting its powerlessness. Backing of this mode is required for passageways and discretionary for interfacing

A few gadgets with double band remote system network don't enable the client to choose the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band (or even a specific radio or SSID) when utilizing Wi-Fi Protected Setup, except if the remote passage has separate WPS catch for each band or radio; in any case, various later remote switches with numerous recurrence groups or potentially radios permit the foundation of a WPS session for a particular band and additionally radio for association with customers which can't have the SSID or band (e.g., 2.4/5 GHz) unequivocally chosen by the client on the customer for association with WPS (for example pushing the 5 GHz, where bolstered, WPS catch on the remote switch will constrain a customer gadget to associate by means of WPS on just the 5 GHz band after a WPS session has been set up by the customer gadget which can't expressly permit the determination of remote system as well as band for the WPS association technique)

Way to configure the Range extender.

Once you unbox the wireless range extender, you will see the WPS button next to power on / off button. That’s when you find out where the wireless protected set up switch is located. Follow the following steps to configure your wireless range extender to your main router.

  1. Plug in the extender at least 3 to 5 feet to the router.
  2. After you have power light lid up as solid green in your extender, press the WPS button and hold it for three seconds and release the button.
  3. Now got your router and see for the WPS button on your range extender and press the WPS button.
  4. Now you will see the lights on the extender and router flashing.
  5. After 2 minutes you will see that your extender will give three solid green lights which indicate that the extender has been configured.
Role of mywifiext.net.

Now to see the details for the configured range extender log in to mywifiext.net to get into the configuration page. After you have logged in to the mywifiext.net set up you will be prompted to create an account to the log in to the mywifiext.net set up in future. After you have set up the account you will be directed to the details of your extended network and hence forth you can configure the extender to your devices accordingly.