ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller Data Sheet WC7520.

The mywifiext ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller WC7520 offers a superior and completely highlighted Wireless LAN engineering to fulfill the needs of medium-sized organizations, schools, and medical clinics with a great many clients. Concentrating on convenience, the WC7520 Controller rearranges remote organizations and system the executives with top tier remote dependability inclusion, and execution.

The adaptable WC7520 Controller empowers organizations to become their remote system as required with an emotional quantifiable profit, with discretionary licenses that bolster their evolving needs. By means of authorizing updates, the ProSafe Wireless Controller scales up to 50 passages (AP) in the mywifiext set up panel.

For bigger arrangements in the mywifiext settings, the WC7520 Controller is stackable up to three units, supporting up to 150-APs, including controller repetition. Meeting the following age needs of bigger establishments, the WC7520 Controller conveys focal remote the board, coordinated remote versatility, powerful best end security and rich united administrations for example, L2/L3 quick meandering, visitor get to hostage entryway and Voice over Wi-Fi support. Worked to last, the WC7520 Controller is supported by a Lifetime Warranty and conveys venture class network and secure remote LAN usefulness.Adaptable Architecture The WC7520 Controller locally underpins 20 APs and is upgradable in 10-AP augments up to an aggregate of 50 APs through WC7510L licenses. Stackable up to three controllers, a WC7520 Controller stack can bolster 150 passages with a solitary interface.

Significantly, the WC7520 offersexcess for dependably on unwavering quality and true serenity Brought together Management Deployed as an overlay on the current wired system framework, the ProSafe20-AP Wireless Controller disentangles the system the executives by giving a solitary purpose of the board for the whole remote system. Simple to set up, the WC7520 Controller finds all upheld passageways in the system, even crosswise over VLANs and subnets. When recognized, the passages are provisioned to subordinate passageways in minutes. Building floor plans can be used to imagine live inclusion and warmth maps of the remote system.

Powerful Security With personality based security highlights, for example, support for RADIUS, Active Directory and interior or on the other hand outer AAA server, ProSafe 20-AP Wireless Controller genuinely binds together wired and remote access without settling on security. The board VLAN is configurable and up to 8 security arrangement profiles (SSID, 802.11i security, VLAN, ACLs, radio parameters) can be dynamic. Maverick AP identification grants rebel APs classifi cation (cordial or antagonistic). Standard RADIUS consistence empowers support for outsider verification and charging framework usage. Booked remote on/off occasions allows the remote system to be totally inaccessible amid determined non-business hours.

Visitor Access, Captive Entry and Logging Visitor get to enables limited access to the system, utilizing a coordinated hostage entry in the panel. Two techniques for section are given, either helped or self affirmed. In the helped model, the assistant can make a client name and secret phrase for visitors in the GUI and the WC7520 Controller has a hostage entrance where visitors can enter their pre-arranged certifications to pick up access to the system. On the other hand, the WC7520 Controller has a visitor entry where visitors can enlist themselves before entering the system. Backend VLAN approaches guarantee limited access to visitors, denying them any entrance to the touchy information on the corporate system. Visitor action logs are accessible.