To grow the extent of your WiFi sort out, you should relate your Nighthawk extender to your present WiFi mastermind. You can do this in one of two unique ways:

  • Connect with WPS.
    Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) allows you to join a sheltered WiFi sort out without making the framework name and mystery state. Note: WPS does not support WEP sort out security or a covered SSID organize. In case your present WiFi framework uses WEP security or its SSID is concealed, cling to the rules Connect With WPS .
  • Connect with the
    To use, you should dispatch a web program on your PC or wireless. For more information, see Connect With mywifiext on the contrary side of this lively start control. Partner With WPS through mywifiext
  1. Spot and connection in your extender.
    1. Recognize the extender close to your WiFi switch.
    2. Connection the extender into an electrical outlet. Sit tight for the Power LED to light solid blue.
    3. If the Power LED does not light, press the WPS/Power get until the Power LED lights.
  2. Interface with your WiFi switch.
    1. Press the WPS/Power get on the extender for under five seconds. The WPS LED glints blue. Note: If you press the WPS/Power get for more than five seconds, the extender turns off.
    2. Inside two minutes, press the WPS get on your WiFi switch. Exactly when the extender partners with the switch, the WPS LED lights solid blue. If the Router Link LED lights blue, the relationship between the switch and extender is extraordinary. In case the Router Link LED lights brilliant or red, attract the extender closer to the switch and endeavor yet again.
    3. In case your WiFi switch reinforces the 5 GHz band, reiterate Steps 2a and 2b. Note: If your switch supports the 5 GHz band, your extender attempts to connect with the switch's 5 GHz band the primary event when you press the WPS/Power get. If your extender did not interface with the switch's 5 GHz band the principal go through, repeat the WPS method.
  3. Pick a region and check the sign quality.
  1. Move your extender to another zone that is somewhere close to your switch and the zone with a poor switch WiFi signal. The region that you pick must be inside the extent of your present WiFi switch compose. Use mywifiext for further guidance on model no. Etc.
  2. Use the Router Link LED to empower you to pick a spot where the extender-to - switch affiliation is perfect:
    • Blue. Best affiliation.
    • Amber. Incredible affiliation. Consider attracting the extender closer to the switch.
    • Red. Poor affiliation. Attract the extender closer to the switch.
    • Off. No affiliation.
  3. In case you get no affiliation or a poor affiliation, attract the extender closer to your switch and endeavor again until the Router Link LED lights blue.

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